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Your personal brand is the most important thing you own. Invest in yourself, and you will create a better future.


5 reasons why Personal Branding is important


Crafting a personal brand articulates your motivations and actions, fostering a sense of familiarity and comfort. It builds trust with your audience, employees, and prospects by transparently defining your genuine intentions.


Personal branding forges connections, boosts exposure, and cultivates positive influence. As you build a network and genuinely care for others, reciprocity strengthens relationships, fostering mutual growth, support, and collaboration.


Personal branding establishes you as an expert in your field, creating a lasting impression online and offline. Visibility and networking drive credibility, positioning you at the top of your chosen marketplace based on your expertise, value, and connections.


Building your personal brand boosts confidence by showcasing your strengths publicly, while recognizing and sharing common struggles. It provides direction on leveraging your individual strengths effectively.

10X Earning

To scale earnings tenfold through personal branding, individuals must prioritize authenticity, consistency, and value delivery. By continually refining their brand message, engaging with their audience, and seizing opportunities for growth, they can unlock new levels of success and financial prosperity.


I will care about your personal brand

I will Identify your challenges

I'm your brand detective, revealing the authentic value you bring. Examining your objectives, skills, values, and plans, I'm a diagnostician pinpointing your uniqueness. Picture me as your brand doctor, prescribing the remedy to amplify and showcase your individuality.

Design the best strategy and set your goals!

Unlocking the door to triumphant personal branding hinges on a well-defined and impactful strategy. No reliance on luck here – I operate on the principles of science. As your narrative architect, I will weave a riveting and emotionally charged story that speaks directly to your audience, leaving a lasting impression.

Experiment for optimal results!

Armed with a robust action plan, I embark on uncovering optimal avenues for your brand. Through constant testing, monitoring, and nimble adjustments, I guarantee your desired outcomes, sculpting success with a personalized touch.


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About Me

Apple Mahmud Riyad

 a seasoned Personal Branding Expert specializing in digital marketing since 2013. I actively shape and amplify unique narratives, helping clients establish compelling and authentic online images. As a visionary in personal branding, I am dedicated to empowering individuals to stand out in the digital crowd, offering strategic insights and creative solutions for lasting impact. Through speaking engagements and workshops, I share my expertise to demystify personal branding in the fast-paced digital world. I am your go-to expert for navigating the intricacies of personal branding and digital marketing.

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Your personal brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room

Jeff Bezos
Founder, Amazon

Client Feedback

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Tashdik Habib Multipassionate Entrepreneur

"Apple Mahmud Riyad, my personal branding consultant, is a game-changer! His strategic insights and dedication have elevated my brand. Apple's personalized approach and expertise make him an invaluable partner. Highly recommended!"

Aurupa Dutta Interior Architect

"Selecting Apple Mahmud Riyad as my personal branding consultant was a brilliant move. His innovative strategies and attention to detail transformed my brand identity. Apple's talent for capturing my essence and crafting a compelling narrative is commendable. Working with him was both enriching and transformative."

Jobair Rubel Happiness Coach

"Apple Mahmud Riyad, a brand magician, transformed my brand into something exceptional. His perceptive understanding and knack for crafting a captivating brand story left a lasting impression. For a unique and impactful personal brand, Apple is the consultant to have by your side."

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